Kasco and Taylor Oil Free De-Icers and Bubblers

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Kasco海洋公司. is THE LEADER IN DE-ICING EQUIPMENT throughout the U.S. and around the world and has coined the term "De-Icer". Each Kasco Marine De-Icer is industrial strength, designed and engineered in the U.S.A. to withstand the harshest marine environments throughout the world. Kasco De-Icers are your best defense against costly damage caused by ice expansion, ice jacking and lifting, and winter-kill conditions for your fish due to low oxygen levels and snow and ice cover. A Kasco De-Icer circulates water and helps prevent ice damage to your property by keeping areas of open water ice free.

Kasco De-Icers will Fit Your Application Needs

"We were skeptical because the unit (Kasco De-Icer) looked small compared to what we had used before, but we tried it anyway. 我们感到惊讶! It did a better job than the other unit and is much simpler to use." - Larry, Lake Delton, WI


Why Choose the Taylor Made Oil-Free D-Icer?

The innovative motor design, high-efficiency, and extra features leave the competition behind. A superior product that costs no more than the competition and, 事实上, saves you money with reduced power consumption and increased efficiency. It is a powerful submersible motor-driven water circulation unit that prevents ice formation during winter months by continuously propelling warmer subsurface water up to the surface.  The standard 50’ cord allows easy installation in almost any situation with no need to have extension cords.  The D-Icer keeps the area ice-free. It's ideal for use around a boat or dock.


The unique one-piece design of the shroud prevents large debris from being sucked through and damaging the propeller, a major cause of failure in other ice prevention devices. Optional thermostat control is available.  Oil-Free design is more energy efficient than the typical Oil-Filled units! 


Kasco Model Size Voltage Running Amps Thrust (lbs.) Shipping Weight (lbs.)典型休憩用地*

  • 2400D 1/2 hp 120V.0 26磅. 25磅. Up to 50 ' Diameter Circle
  • 3400D 3/4hp 120V.7 34磅. 35磅. Up to 75' Diameter Circle
  • 3400HD 3/4hp 240V 3.4 34磅. 35磅. Up to 75' Diameter Circle
  • 4400D 1hp 120V 11.2 52磅. 40磅. Up to 90' Diameter Circle
  • 4400HD 1hp 240V 5.7 52磅. 40磅. Up to 90' Diameter Circle

* Small bodies of water, 五大湖, and extreme northern climates may see less open water areas.